42 Mile Crossing

Coorong National Park

Coorong 42 Mile Crossing

42 Mile Crossing is a popular spot for fishers, campers and tourists as it is one of the few locations within the Park providing ready access to the ocean beach without the need of water-craft.

42 Mile Crossing through cultural eyes, related by Peter and Meryl Mansfield.

42 Mile Crossing is a post settlement name and not a place of great cultural significance to the Tanganikald people as it is in Meintenk Country (Kingston S.E.) which is known to the local people as Thungyul. We hope to include information from the elder of the Meintenk Professor Irene Watson in the near future.

Camping at 42 Mile Crossing

42 Mile Crossing is the only camp ground in the Coorong National Park providing year round walking and 4WD access to the ocean beach. If you are planning some ocean beach fishing the 42 Mile Crossing camp-ground provides a protected spot to return at the end of the day. Visit the Parks SA website to obtain your camping permit online.

Beach camping is available anywhere along the Ocean Beach between the high and low water mark, and in designated camping areas behind the fore-dune from Tea Tree Crossing to 42 Mile Crossing. 4WD access only. Visit the ParksSA website to obtain your camping permit online.

Facilities at 42 Mile Crossing

It’s a long drive to get supplies so make sure you are well topped up. Fuel and a small selection of food and drinks can be obtained from Salt Creek to the north. The nearest location for more substantial supplies is Meningie to the north and Kingston to the south. Water can be obtained from the tap in the Lions Park in the main street of Meningie. There is a car wash in Meningie. The nearest rubbish bins are in Meningie and Kingston. There is a caravan dump point on the Princes Highway at the southern outskirts of Meningie.

Walking at 42 Mile Crossing

The Nukan Kungun Hike passes through the 42 Mile Crossing camp-ground (access behind the shelter) and you can take this walk to the ocean beach or hike north to Chinaman Well and on to Salt Creek. The walking trail to the beach and return via the 4WD track is a 3.3 km round trip. This walk is in full sun. The walk to Chinaman Well is 10km return and is mostly in full sun so weather protection is advised.

4WD Access to the ocean beach

42 Mile Crossing provides year round 4WD access to the ocean beach. You can also access the ocean beach from 28 Mile, Wreck Crossing and 32 Mile Crossing to the south and Tea Tree Crossing (dry season only) to the north. Use caution when driving as conditions can change during the winter months. Driving at night and towing is not recommended. Vehicle turnaround may be difficult and the sand can be soft. Please note that the Ocean Beach is closed annually to vehicle traffic north of Tea Tree Crossing from 24 October to 24 December to protect beach nesting Hooded Plovers.

Fishing at 42 Mile Crossing

For the latest information on South Australian recreational fishing rules, regulations, area closures and size and bag limits download this Free SA fishing App.

Natural features – Middens

Throughout the sand dunes you will find remnants from early Aboriginal occupation. Most evident are the shell middens, deposits of discarded shellfish (sometimes up to hundreds of millions of cockle shells) and other foods consumed.

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