Coorong Kids Corner

By Friends of the Coorong

Baby Pelicans Jigsaw

12 Piece Jigsaw Game

Cantara Homestead jigsaw

60 Piece Jigsaw Game

Pelican Jigsaw

120 Piece Jigsaw Game

Coorong Kids Bingo Game

Here is our Bingo chart that you can take with you on the Lakes Nature Walk near Salt Creek. You can download and print it. Hint – tell Mum and Dad they might like to take a prize for you!

42 Mile Crossing Adventure

How many special things can you find and do today? Take the walking trail from the 42 Mile Crossing picnic shelter to the Southern Ocean beach and back. Fill in your activities as you go.

Coorong Pelican Quiz

How much do you know about pelicans? Find out here with our free fun Pelican Quiz!

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