Parnka Point

Coorong National Park

Coorong Parnka Point

The Coorong is divided into two vast, long narrow lagoons, the North Lagoon and the South Lagoon, separated by a narrow channel (Hells Gate, or, The Narrows) at Parnka Point. Opposite the headland is the Younghusband Peninsula, a series of sand dunes dividing the Coorong (lagoon) off from the ocean beach. Despite the appearance of the lagoon crossing at this point, soft mud and currents flowing through the channel can be hazardous making crossing only suitable by water-craft. On the opposite shore emu and other birdlife may be spotted taking advantage of the many fresh water soaks in this location. The 0.6km track partly visible on the opposite shore continues past an area of commercial cocklers’ trucks to the Southern Ocean.

The area south of Parnka Point includes major breeding islands for Pelicans and various Terns, including the Caspian, Crested, Whiskered and most importantly, the vulnerable Fairy Tern.  This area is sometimes know as the Nursery of the Coorong.

Parnka Point through cultural eyes, related by Peter and Meryl Mansfield

Parnka is known as the place where the Northern Lagoon ends and the Nursery for many bird species, the Southern Lagoon begins. This is the country of the Parnkinyera people,of the Tanganikald language group. (yera means belonging to) so the name tells you that these people belong to Parnka. The name Parnka means Deep Water and the Totem for this small Tribe is the Mullowi (now know as Mulloway).


Camping at the Coorong has many options. There are 2 camp-grounds set back 1 and 2kms respectively from the headland at Parnka Point. These are ideal locations to launch a kayak, explore the shoreline and to view birdlife. Visit the Parks SA website to book a campsite.

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